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About Us: Quality Control

The People

Finders Keepers Coffee is a small group of friends who wanted to create something special. Each member of the group brings their own talents to the table, whether that be as a Q-graded coffee roaster, sales-person, designer, photographer, or entrepreneur. 

We are a small, independent business striving to continuously create a top-quality product that can only add benefit and value to our clients. We continually seek to improve and are particularly focused on furthering our good, direct-trade relationships with our coffee growers on their farms, elevating the excellence of our product through heightened learning and increasing the level of support and variety of goods we can provide to our clients. 

If you would like to know more, please contact We would love to here from you.

About Us: About Us

Finders Keepers Coffee

Our Single Origin Roast

The “Piri Reis” roast from Finders Keepers Coffee originates from the San Rafael farming community in the Cerrado Mineiro in Brazil. The sweet palate of this coffee is typical of the growing area. As part of the Alto Paranaiba Region, it is the first area in Brazil to have been certified with a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), meaning that products from this region are traditionally grown and produced to acquire specific properties - in the same way that true Champagne is only sourced from the Champagne region of France. 

A marvellous combination of factors make coffee from this area highly sought after by coffee connoisseurs. The semi-tropical climate and high altitude, with a dry winter and hot, wet summer creates an ideal terroir for growing coffee. Its steep, mountainous slopes are prized farmland and are renowned for their rich, fertile volcanic soil which imparts an exotic flavour to the beans.

About Us: About Us
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