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Cafe Wholesale

Café Wholesale: About

Roasted For You

Make your coffee the best it can be. Serve world-class coffee, ethically sourced from family farms and community cooperatives, roasted to order specially for you by National Roasting Champions.

Accessible Luxury

Speciality Coffee is a luxury. The passionate care that goes into farming and roasting makes coffee a unique product. It is estimated that around 40 pairs of hands take care of the coffee going into your cup.
Finders Keepers Coffees are Q-graded, speciality coffee from some of the best quality farms in the world. However, we do not think this means our coffee should be intimidating, or exclusive. We work directly alongside all our customers to enable them to serve their clientele the luxury product they demand.

The Perfect Coffee

Our Experience

We are a little different from many other roasters.
We have experienced the speciality coffee industry from different angles - as a consumer, wholesaler, retailer, producer and buyer.
We have seen firsthand that one of the consistent issues is that speciality coffee can be treated as an almost elitist product, with some trying to make it inaccessible.
We are determined to smash this barrier.

We Are Different

Many of our fellow roasters, whilst providing excellent coffee, add in other costs or financial commitments which makes obtaining speciality coffee prohibitive for many small, independent traders.

We add no unnecessary, added costs on top of the cost of the coffee.

It's that simple!

Coffee Machine
Café Wholesale: Products

Our Commitment to you

Finders Keepers will supply you with Q-grade, 100% Arabica, expertly roasted, small-batch speciality coffee.

Café Wholesale: Quality Control

There will be

* No requirement to invest in expensive machinery bought through us
* No requirement to train with us
* No requirement to use a particular dairy brand
* No requirement to use our recommended cafe designers

Ground Coffee

We Are Here For You

If you would like training or upskilling, our highly qualified trainers can provide training to you on your premises
If you need equipment, we can source & recommend the most suitable items at an affordable price.


What this means for you

Top quality, speciality coffee at an accessible price with the options to choose additional services as and when you wish.

Café Wholesale: Certifications
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